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In this video, I will guide you through your Local Insights Dashboard, also known as your Local Performance, on Hike. This feature allows you to monitor your website’s performance from a local search perspective. You can watch the video, or read the text summary below:

Here are the steps to access your Local Insights Dashboard:

  1. Go to the ‘Local’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Performance’.

If you don’t see this page, you’ll need to first link your Google My Business Profile to your Hike account. After doing this, your dashboard will become available.

Your Local Insights Dashboard will provide a wealth of data, including:

  • Search views
  • Map views
  • Website visits
  • Phone calls

At the top of the dashboard, you can customize the date range to see data from specific periods. You also have the ability to compare date ranges, allowing you to see how your performance changes over time.

When you scroll down, you’ll find:

  • Views Performance: Switch between map views and search views to see their respective performance.
  • Keyword Search Impressions: This section on the right-hand side shows the number of times your site showed up in local search results.
  • Actions Performance: Here you’ll find metrics for website clicks, phone calls, and directions requests.

This dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of your local website performance and helps you identify areas of potential improvement.

To enhance your local performance, Hike offers several features, such as:

  • Listings Manager: Optimize your listing.
  • Reviews and Posts: Keep track of your reviews and update your posts.
  • Directories: Update your directories.
  • Local Actions: Apply recommendations provided by Hike for performance improvement.

Monitor the impact of these changes over time through your Local Insights Dashboard.

If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to reach out. Until our next tutorial, happy optimizing!

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