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In the world of digital marketing, staying ahead in SEO is key for businesses, especially the small ones with limited time and budgets.

At Hike, we’ve seen firsthand the struggles faced by the regular small business user in implementing the SEO changes that Hike recommends on their website, and this is usually down to a couple of reasons; first, they don’t always feel confident making changes via their website platform (their CMS, ie Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.), and second, they can run out of time to do their SEO!

Announcing the Onsite Optimizer

This experience is what fueled our drive to develop a brand-new solution, something unseen in the SEO software space, and one we’re so excited to share with you all; the Onsite Optimizer.

The Onsite Optimizer completely revolutionizes and simplifies the process of implementing SEO on a website and, therefore, empowers our mission to help small businesses beat bigger businesses!

But if you don’t believe me, see what one of our first users — John Wiley — thinks about it:

So, now let me tell you more about what the Onsite Optimizer is and how it works. (Or, if you’d prefer, you can watch our Onsite Optimizer announcement webinar here.)

It all started back in 2018

The journey for the Onsite Optimizer actually started back in 2018. Kieran (Hike’s CTO and fellow co-founder) and I built and launched the Onsite Optimizer for our previous software, and we even won a Highly Commended European Search Award for the most innovative SEO solution.

But, alas, timing is everything, and –whilst the feature was effective and being used by multiple businesses– Google’s crawlers weren’t advanced enough to fully index the changes users were making to their websites via the Optimizer.

Fast-forward six years, and everything’s different. Google now indexes websites completely differently than before, and suddenly, the Optimizer can fulfil its potential as a complete game-changer for small business SEO.

What is the Onsite Optimizer, and how does it work?

Watch as Kieran and I give a short demo of the Onsite Optimizer.

The Onsite Optimizer is a revolutionary new tool that enables our users to implement the SEO changes Hike recommends directly within the Hike platform without having to log in to the website’s ‘backend’ (i.e., without logging in to the CMS). One of our early testers described it as “easier to implement SEO for small businesses” and noted its superior speed compared to making edits via Wix.

But what exactly is it and how does it work? Simply put, it’s a game-changer for any small business looking to improve their SEO.

Upon launching the Onsite Optimizer interface within Hike, users are presented with an overlay that seamlessly integrates over the top of their website, and this ‘overlay’ allows them to edit the important SEO on-page elements such as page titles, meta descriptions, content, tech elements, image ALTs and more.

Not only does this make implementing your SEO changes much faster, but the incorporated AI features make optimizing a webpage much easier, too. Using our existing ‘Content Wizard’ technology, the feature will automatically write your SEO metadata and on-page copy for you. It knows what keywords you want the page to rank for, and it will create the keyword-optimized copy you need.

Setting up the Onsite Optimizer is a breeze, too; all it takes is adding a simple code snippet to your website, and you’re ready to go.

What sets the Onsite Optimizer apart?

Firstly, there’s nothing like it available for small businesses. The Onsite Optimizer is one-of-a-kind.

Secondly, there’s no additional cost to use it. All existing and new users will have access, and your subscription cost will not change.

On top of this, here are some of the key features that make the Onsite Optimizer the perfect SEO tool for busy small businesses:

> Simple & Fast SEO: Make SEO changes through the user-friendly interface, bypassing the complexities of website CMS platforms.
> Universal: The Onsite Optimizer works on any website, no matter how it was built!
> Easy Installation: Get up and running in just 5 minutes with a simple code snippet installation process.
> AI Content Writer: Let our built-in AI generate keyword-focused SEO content for you, saving time and effort.
> Lasting Changes: All modifications made through the Onsite Optimizer remain on your site as long as the script is installed and you have an active Hike account. If you decide to pause your account, you will still have access to the feature!
> Google Approved SEO: Our JavaScript optimization aligns with Google’s guidelines, so all changes are SEO-friendly.
> Autonomy: If you ever choose to move on, you can easily download a CSV of all your SEO changes to manually implement them as needed, ensuring full control over your website’s SEO.

And for our agency users, the Onsite Optimizer opens up a world of new opportunities:

> Expand your client base: The Onsite Optimizer is CMS platform-agnostic, so you can now optimize any website of any customer.
> Increased Efficiency: Complete more work for clients in less time, leading to higher profitability.
> Upsell Opportunities: Easily offer DIY (Do It Yourself) or DWY (Done With You) services.
> No Need to Hire: Junior marketers can effectively use the Onsite Optimizer, eliminating the need for expensive SEO hires.
> Accelerated Results: Experience faster SEO improvements and therefore reduce the time to results!

What are users saying about it?

To make sure the Onsite Optimizer was perfect before rolling out, we enlisted a number of existing Hike users to take the feature for a spin. Below is a selection of quotes from their feedback for us:

“The set up was VERY easy… The process of installing and setting up is something that can be done by a person that does not know technology well.” (Joseph Bruton, Bruton Consulting)

“Overall, I love this option. Makes it super user-friendly” (Kelsey Wagner, My Media Matters)

“I am really excited about this! It will save a lot of time when making several changes for multiple clients and multiple pages.” (Holly Stuart, HLS Media)

“The optimizer is a great addition to the product. For an agency owner it allows me to complete all my tasks on one platform vs going back and forth to another.” (Roger Turnbow, Webxedo)

“Very useful. It will be really good for DIY clients with limited skillset in editing their own websites.” (Michael Nagles, Kickstart SEO)

A milestone for Hike

The launch of the Onsite Optimizer marks a significant milestone in Hike’s mission to democratize SEO and help small businesses beat bigger businesses.

So, please join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the way small businesses approach SEO, one optimized website at a time.

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