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What is Tidi-Cable?

Tidi-Cable is a manufacturer and distributor supplier of a wide range of construction products including workwear & PPE, cable management products, fire supplies and temporary power/lighting.

As an e-commerce business, it is essential to attract as many customers as possible through their website. Therefore, maximizing their search engine optimization has become a top priority for Tidi-Cable to increase online sales.

In this case study, we speak with Perry Coppen, founder of Tidi-Cable, who explains why he chose to do SEO for his website using Hike.

Would Tidi Cable recommend Hike to other ecommerce small businesses?

  • Absolutely. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best marketing software for small businesses that I’ve come across and I’ve worked in several different small business niches over the last 8 years.

    Perry Coppen



The results achieved using Hike

When Tidi-Cable first started using the platform, they only had 1 keyword ranking on the first page of Google. Since using Hike and taking advantage of all it has to offer, their website is now ranking for 5 highly competitive, broad terms on page 1 on Google (and are even ranking above Amazon.com for one of those phrases).

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“Trailing Cables” – page 1 position 2 (was page 6, position 8)

“Cable Ramp” – page 1 position 5 (was ranking past 10th page)

“Cable Ramp Protector” – page 1 position 7 (was page 9, position 1)

Not only that, but they have also seen a significant increase in their website traffic following their keyword ranking improvements. There has been a notable jump from 517 visitors per month to 2184 visitors per month when looking at year-on-year organic traffic data. This has been a huge success for them!

Why Tidi Cable started using Hike...

  • I’ve quite a bit of experience with SEO and how it works, I’ve just always struggled with the organisational side of it. Having a single place to do keyword research, align those keywords with content from the site and then a to-do list for how we can rank for those keywords is great.

    Perry Coppen



How did Hike enable these results?

Tidi-Cable started using Hike to help them compete against big hardware brands for general keyword terms. Being within the construction industry, they have always struggled in a highly competitive organic landscape.
The Hike platform helped Tidi-Cable identify many new areas for improvement that have pushed them to the top of Google’s search results. Below is an explanation of how they used the platform to help them to achieve the keyword rankings they wanted.

1. SEO strategy creation

This SEO strategy helped them understand what keywords they needed to optimize their website for and instruct the platform to generate actions against these specific keywords.

The SEO strategy helped them to understand what keywords they needed to optimize their website for, as well as instructing the platform to generate actions against these specific keywords. Completing these actions aided Tidi-Cable’s keyword ranking improvements.

2. Keyword optimization

Once the actions were generated based on the set SEO strategy, Tidi-Cable dived in and started working through them. The first step was to make sure that all of their keywords were mentioned within their most important pages. They particularly liked how Hike’s Action Engine gave them a prioritized, actionable ‘to-do’ list that they could work through each month.

The platform identified pages that were not optimized for their target keywords, and it also helped them to prioritize and work through other beneficial actions that are fundamental to their SEO performance.

3. Improving on-site content

Being an e-commerce store with many collections and products, the Tidi-Cable website has a lot of content. Content is very significant from an SEO point of view, so making sure that Google can identify keywords within their copy was crucial to achieving their desired rankings.

Hike’s content-improvement features review how well-optimized your on-page copy is (on pages such as service pages, blog pages, product pages, etc.) for your target keywords. It then provides you with specific changes to make on a page-by-page level for what you need to do to improve it from an SEO point of view. Completing these actions has helped Google to rank their pages well based on the content they have in their product and category pages.

4. And more

There’s a lot more that the Hike platform covers (such as backlink building, competitor analysis, etc.), giving Tidi-Cable further opportunities to improve its website and its keyword rankings. We are very excited to see how the platform can help our customers get to the top of Google!

Perry Coppen

An interview with Perry Coppen

We speak to Perry Coppen, who is a Tidi-cable founder, about their use of the Hike platform and the support services.

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