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In this video, we’ll be walking through how to manage and view your Google My Business reviews via the Hike platform. You can watch the video, or read the text summary below:

Firstly, navigate to the review section by hovering over the ‘Local’ tab and clicking on ‘Reviews’. If this page doesn’t display any review-related information, it’s likely you need to link your Google My Business Profile. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete this step. Once done, the platform will automatically populate with your reviews.

In this review section, you’ll see a comprehensive breakdown of your Google My Business reviews, including your average review rate and various statistics like the number of one to five-star reviews you’ve received, along with their respective percentages. You’ll also see how many reviews are awaiting responses and the total number of reviews received.

Additionally, this section highlights top sentiment words used in reviews. This helps you identify any recurring positive or negative words left by customers. For instance, many users may have mentioned ‘SEO’ or ‘Hike’, along with descriptors such as ‘great’ or ‘team’.

The platform also provides filters for reviews. You can filter by star rating, sentiment, or response status (whether you’ve replied or not).

The heart of this section, of course, is the reviews themselves. You can see reviewer names, response times, star ratings, and the review text. From here, you can click to leave a response. It’s important to note the value of responding promptly to show customer engagement. While there’s no strict rule, a timely response is appreciated by customers.

This overview should give you a clear idea of how the Google My Business Review section works within our platform, simplifying the process of managing your Google reviews. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at Stay tuned for the next tutorial.

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