Andrew Allen

Director at Hike

Andrew Allen

Before we introduced white label functionality to Hike it was definitely our most requested feature! (Want to see a video of it in action? Here’s a quick overview)

We have a lot of agency customers who use Hike to help deliver SEO for their clients, and an overwhelming number had wanted the ability to re-brand the platform.

So how are agencies using Hike’s white label feature? I’ve detailed below the top 4 ways it’s currently being used:

1. Offer a New SEO Service to Clients

Do you want SEO to be a significant part of your service offering ongoing? Then this is probably the best solution for you.

The most common reason our agencies use white label is to offer SEO to their clients, with the platform as the backbone to that service.

Whether you’re an agency/company that doesn’t specialise in SEO currently, or you already do, Hike’s white label gives you the ability to sell low-cost SEO packages to clients.

There are two typical ways this works:

  1. You sell them access to the platform along with some form of service package, eg a monthly support phone call. You then allow them to use the platform and promote your on-demand SEO services (see more about this below)
  2. You sell them a monthly retainer (typically anywhere from $300 – $1000, depending on the client size) with defined deliverables (see this blog post for a guide on this) and give the client access to the platform alongside

2. Sell On-demand SEO Services

Do you want SEO to be a complimentary service to your existing products, but not take up all your time? Then this is likely the option for you.

As mentioned above one really popular way to drive extra revenue is to use white label to sell on-demand SEO services.

What do I mean by on-demand? Within the platform, there is the ability for your customers to pay for particular actions that are generated. For example, your clients could order a blog from you or some on-site changes.

You set your hourly rate in your settings (eg $75) and then they choose which actions they want to pay for and they see exactly what it costs them.

Watch the video below to see this feature in action:

3. Close High-value Deals

Do you want an easy way to help clinch large projects or sales? Then Hike white label could really help!

Some of our clients use the platform as a bit of a ‘bargaining tool’; when they want to close a large deal (for example, a large website project) then they will offer their white label platform for free if they sign up.

A free product can often be what’s needed to get someone to sign off a sale!

You can choose to give them it free for life, or just a limited time period (eg 6 months) if they sign up.

From what we’ve heard, it works really well.

4. Reduce Account Management Time

Do you currently provide SEO services and want to reduce your account management time? Then this is going to help.

When you add a user to Hike you can choose exactly what features they see and don’t see.

Simply allow them access to the reporting features only (ie keyword rankings and traffic) and they can see their performance at any time, without having to bombard you with updates.

5. Look Good!

Do you want to look more professional to your prospective and existing clients? Then what better than your ‘own’ SEO platform to really impress them!

Give it a try now

Interested to see how Hike’s white label features can help your agency? You can sign up here for only $24.99 / £19.99 per month.

If you’ve got any questions then feel free to drop us a message on our live chat which you’ll find at the bottom right of the screen.

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