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In the below video, we’ll be discussing how to use the Hike platform for keyword mapping. Keyword mapping is crucial for gaining organic visibility, increasing website traffic, preventing duplicate content, and ensuring a fantastic user experience. You can also read the text below for a quick summary.

Keyword Research

First, conduct keyword research under the “Strategy” tab in the Hike platform. You should have a list of collected keywords from this process.

Mapping Keywords to Pages

Under “Strategy,” go to “Keyword Sitemap” to map keywords to pages on your website. Hike automatically crawls your website to display indexable pages. Add pages one at a time, and work through the list by mapping keywords to each page.

Assigning Keywords

Hike allows you to auto-assign keywords, saving time. If auto-assign doesn’t work, manually add keywords. To do this, click on “Add Keyword” and choose a keyword from your researched list.

Identifying Keyword Intent

Keywords can have different intents, such as informational or transactional. Ensure you understand the intent behind each keyword before mapping.

Avoiding Duplicate Keywords

Hike will flag duplicate keywords, which should be removed to avoid focusing on the same keyword for multiple pages.

Primary and Secondary Keywords

When mapping, choose a primary keyword (the main topic) and secondary keywords that support the primary keyword. The primary keyword should have the highest search volume, lowest difficulty, and high relevance to the page’s topic.

Adding New Pages

If you want to create new pages for specific keywords, click “Add Page” and enter the URL. Check the box if the page hasn’t been built yet, and then add the keyword.

That’s it! Now you know how to use the Hike platform for keyword mapping. If you have any questions, reach out to us at, or leave a comment below. Have a fantastic day, and best of luck with your SEO efforts!

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