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Megan - Hike

We’re excited to tell you that we partnered with established link-building agency Linkology to bring you an exclusive online event about in-depth and practical ways how to build your backlinks for maximum impact.

You can watch the recording of this webinar below:

Whether you’re an e-commerce store, local accountant, web design agency, or any other small business or agency, watch the recording above and find out the secrets to building powerful backlinks and how to make sure they’ll lead to higher rankings and organic traffic for long-term business success.

During this 60-minute online event, you will learn:

> How to first assess your starting point to assess how strong your existing link profile is
> Discover which pages support keywords with decent search volume
> The best ways to analyse competitor link profiles at a page and domain level
> Look at how volatile search has been for certain keywords and consider what type of pages are ranking for those terms
> How to forecast a sensible link acquisition rate that focuses on the pages that deserve attention
> How to assess the true value of any potential publishing relationship
> Ways to monitor the impact of your backlinks on a quarterly basis
> An opportunity to ask your most burning backlink questions

This is an opportunity to get another perspective on backlink building and how you can get higher rankings in Google!

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