As mentioned in our previous posts here and here, we have been making a large number of changes to the backlink data we collect and display within Hike and this week is no different!

We want to introduce you to the new Backlink Opportunities section within Hike…

The Backlink Opportunities tool will check the backlinks of your competition and show you the websites where 2 or more of your competitors have backlinks and you do not.

This backlink crossover analysis is great for 2 reasons;

  1. These websites are more likely to be very relevant to your industry/niche, and
  2. These websites are more likely open to discussions around including a link to your website
The three competition we added for Hike all have links from Search Engine Watch. This is a website we should look to communicate with!

For each backlink opportunity we will show you which of your competitors have a link on their website and will give an example of the backlink they have.

If you hover of this example it will tell you what anchor text has been used in the link and which page on your competitors website they link to.

So, I’ve found a good website – what next?

Once you’ve identified a website that you want to approach regarding building a backlink, you need to know who/where to contact.

Luckily for you, we’ve thought of that bit too 🙂

Where possible, Hike will also display contact information for that website too, see screenshot below:

By clicking on the contact information text we will display the contact information we found for that website. This will include up-to 3 pieces of info;

  1. Email Format – this is the format that we believe the website uses for their email address, this can be great if we did not find the specific persons email address you were looking for.
  2. Employee Emails – These are the emails that we believe are linked to specific employees at the company.
  3. Company Emails – These are company wide emails for the website, such as info@ / support@ etc…

This sounds great! How do I get to it?

To get to the backlink opportunities section all you need to do is click on the opportunities button at the top of the backlink reporting page or simply click here.

What else is new?

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve also made some other improvements to the platform including;

  • You can now export action titles as a CSV.
  • You now have the ability to add a content title to your scrap board directly from within your competition audits.
  • You can export your content title ideas as a CSV.
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