Andrew Allen

Hike co-founder

We all know blogs are a fantastic way to improve your SEO and connect with potential customers. But does the thought of writing blogs make you feel a little nauseous?

Hike – the complete DIY SEO tool for small businesses – has now added a brand-new feature that will make writing blogs much less of a chore for our users.

The platform’s AI-writing assistant – called the Content Wizard – will now create 400-500 words of unique copy for any blog post topic or keyword.

Sound too good to be true? Check out the video below:

All you have to do is add a blog title — you can choose from Hike’s SEO suggestions or even add a title of your own — run the Wizard, and he’ll write you a draft blog post of up to 500 words.

You can then edit this blog post to add your own tone of voice, examples, ideas and more before uploading it to your website.

And you can use him 15 times or more every month with any Hike plan 🤯

This is a BIG update to our feature set that will help small businesses improve their SEO performance.

If you want to speed up your blogs and make creating content easier, sign up to Hike today.

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